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in conversation with restaurateurs carlos quirarte & matt kliegman


We arrive at The Smile Bond Street on a Thursday midday. The front outdoor tables bedecked with strung lights and rustic chairs are hard to resist considering the 78-degree temperature and cartoonishly blue sky. Inside a contingent of Smile-goers are seated including a table of stylish women discussing a presentation over poke bowls, James Franco and a friend near an unlit fireplace, and of course, Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte–The Smile's co-founders.



a first-timer’s guide to cape cod

I moved from Los Angeles to New York in 2015, and prior to doing so, my notion of the most covetable location to spend long weekends in was the Hamptons. I put it down to popular culture—Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte took the Jitney so I, too, was going to take the Jitney. Over the last few years, I've made my way to Montauk, Bridgehampton, Southampton, East Quogue, and Sagaponack, and I have to admit that none lived up to those high expectations. 




it’s time to form an opinion on motorized scooters

I was waiting to board a flight in the Austin International Airport a couple of weeks ago sitting across from an attractive man in his forties and a 30s-something woman typing on her laptop. The two sparked a conversation about mutual work industry news and within a few minutes, he was already getting her information for a potential job within his company—old pals. What struck me as fascinating, however, was not their swift connection but rather what came after that. READ MORE