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I Cooked a Holiday Dinner in Paris for Only 150 Euros


Around 2 p.m. one Tuesday afternoon about three months ago, I found myself in the conference room of our New York office with my credit card in one hand, cell phone in the other, about to purchase a Norwegian Airlines flight to Paris for Thanksgiving. “Are you ready?” I nervously asked my friend Kate, who had queued up the same web page. “You do it first,” she answered. So I did. And it was the best decision I’ve made in all of 2016.



Why the Fashion Industry Should Be Paying Attention to Nashville

It’s easy to become enchanted with a city like Nashville. The intersection between fashion, art, music, and cuisine is one of heritage and heart, and the city’s storytellers make getting to know each of these facets all the more meaningful of an experience. Over the past few years, the Music City seems to have taken on this creative and collaborative role in a way that’s garnering major attention.




PARIS travel guide

It’s hard not to be a Francophile. The language is elegant. The cooking is unparalleled. The fashion is effortless. And the history is enticingly ancient. So when I had the opportunity to travel to Paris for two weeks this summer it took all of about one second to say “Oui!"  READ MORE